Engaging the Culture Through Biblical Citizenship

By Whole Life

Christians embrace the biblical command to engage the culture for Jesus Christ; yet just one mention of the “P” words – public policy or politics – and there may be an awkward silence and a quick shift in the conversation.

Did you know that engaging the culture for Christ and engaging in the culture are inextricably

intertwined? Indeed, they are!

Our Christian Responsibility
Some Christians say that they are just too busy to even think about politics or public policy. Others may wish to keep matters of the Church and of the State separate, preferring to just be a faithful presence where we are.

However, we as Christians have a duty to be engaged in the political process, and the very least we can do is vote wisely. We, the people of Singapore, have the privilege and responsibility to vote and select leaders who represent our values. We should also be the best of citizens, and bring the values of the kingdom of God to bear in the kingdom of man.

“The child they’re raising is going to be shaped not only by their paternal/maternal responsibility, but by the culture around us. We are products of both nature and nurture… So you’ve got to care about what’s going on… in the world around you and how you can be engaged in it.”

Chuck Colson

Founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries and

Colson Center for Christian Worldview

We need to be involved with the world around us, because we live as Christians with a worldview which is in conflict with the worldview of the society we live in. We should be constantly, winsomely, lovingly pushing Christian truth into the public square. The righteousness of our nation depends on active citizens who understand some basic moral principles – right from wrong, good from bad – and who take the time to support candidates who will act on those principles.

Politics is simply a reflection of the values of the culture. When culture is changed, politics will change too. We Christians are responsible for the culture, so let’s engage in culture, so that our children, tomorrow’s voices of faith, will also learn to influence our culture with God’s Word and the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Parental Responsibility

One of the many ways that we as Christians can engage the culture for Christ is to start in the home, with our children, by raising them up to be leaders in their own spheres of influence. We need to help “connect the dots” in the minds of our children between faith, social issues and public policy.

Advocating on our children’s behalf-guarding their innocence, teaching them how to stand up against the pressures to conform to the culture and be “salt and light” in their spheres of influence—can be a daunting task for any parent. Amongst the burning social and moral issues that parents in particular should care about are life, family and marriage.

If you’re concerned about any of these important issues, or curious about how you can make your voice heard despite the busyness of everyday life, we invite you to dig into the resources in the following pages.

© 2015 Whole Life. Adapted from Family Values Kit 2012 Focus on the Family. 

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