Download your report from the Mental Health Survey for the Church 2020

The turn of the new decade saw increased conversations and a buzz of activity surrounding the topic of mental health in Singapore. With greater awareness and national action towards addressing mental health issues, it is timely to explore the state of mental health within the Church, particularly amongst those who actively minister to others, especially in the area of pastoral care and counselling.

The objectives of the Mental Health Survey for the Church 2020 were to:

  • Understand the Church’s perception of mental health
  • Measure the Church’s perceived readiness and ability to manage mental health issues
  • Identify the personal state of those who minister to others
  • Evaluate the availability of social support to those who minister to others

With a gift of $10 or more to support families, you will receive the full 22-page report, which contains:

  • Detailed explanation of survey background and results
  • Data tables and graphs to present a fuller picture of survey results
  • In depth analysis of survey findings and recommendations to the Church

Click on the images to see the full-size samples.

Mental Health Survey Sample Page 1Mental Health Survey Sample Page 2

You can also choose to receive the complimentary 4-page survey highlights in our form below.

Resources for Mental Health Support in the Church

Mental Health and the Gospel Community

A local compilation of moving testimonies to shed light on how the Church can journey with Christians with mental illnesses effectively. Click here for more information.


Faith-based Professional Counselling Services for Mental Health Related Issues: