Faith: 24/7 Christianity

The programs and tools focus on how Christ followers can live out a winsome 24/7 Christianity, instead of only on Sundays, in the realities of everyday life.


Christian Home Makeover

For early Christians, the home was church. In today’s hectic and busy life, are we living testimonies for Christ at home? How can we live an authentic faith of “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15)? Be equipped with the four steps to build a household of faith and gain practical ideas to “walk and talk” faith in your household.

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Faith at Home Kit

Nurture Faith at Home with an array of easy-to-use resources for your family, and build a home where faith is lived, nurtured and expressed! Find out more at now.

  • Answers to Your Child’s Questions
    This handy Q&A booklet provides you with answers to questions your child may ask about God, faith and the world; helping him/her to gain a biblical worldview.

  • Notes for Affirmation
    Building a great parent-child relationship comes before teaching about faith. Use this set of 26 unique cards to write personal messages to encourage and affirm your child.

  • Planting Seeds of Biblical Truth
    A collection of 52 weekly family devotions with faith-affirming biblical principles that you can use with your child to build a lasting and thriving faith in Christ.

  • Spiritual Development Milestone Planner
    This planner charts out spiritual development milestones and suggests key experiences for children of different age groups which you can make a part of your family tradition.

  • Words of Blessing for Your Child
    When you give a child your words of blessing, you lay a relational foundation that prepares his/her heart for a relationship with Jesus.